July 2022, fave media


Ruby Dixon’s The King’s Spinster Bride (Aspect and Anchor #0.5)

Laurie J. Marks’ Earth Logic (Elemental Logic #2)

Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling books

I read a lot so I’m going to list them here:

  • Echo of Silence #2.5
  • Stroke of Enticement #3.5
  • Mine to Possess #4
  • Blaze of Memory #7
  • Bonds of Justice #8
  • Declaration of Courtship #9.5
  • Texture of Intimacy #10.5
  • Tangle of Need #11
  • Shield of Winter #13

Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling Trinity books

Again, I read a lot, so listing them:

  • Music in the Rain (short story, exact placing unknown)
  • Silver Silence #1
  • Ocean Light #2
  • Wolf Rain #3
  • Last Guard #5

Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Enigma (Guild Hunter #8)

C. Spike Trotman, EA Denish, and Kelly Fitzpatrick’s Yes, Roya



Lizzo’s The Sign and Coldplay

The opening to The Sign? Iconic. Honorable mention to About Damn Time and Birthday Girl too.

Kaho Nakamura’s Gales of Song and A Million Miles Away (Belle OST)

Whewwww that last verse of A Million Miles Away.

Kaho Nakamura’s Lindy and Sono Inochi (Live at Tokyo Line Cube Shibuya)

So after listening to her in Belle, I went through Nakamura’s back catalog, and was surprised to realize she doesn’t do pop princess but more indie rock/jazz vibes? Which I’m into, and I feel she’d be really good to see live since it seems she does different arrangements when live.


Danielle Echevarria’s COVID variants mean ventilation is more important than ever. So what does ‘good’ air flow look like?

Ventilation helps reduce COVID transmission and this article helps explain what “good ventilation” means.

Nataki Garrett’s Theater can help drive economic recovery in S.F. and elsewhere. But not if it stays so white

“Theaters can also educate audiences on how to engage with a performance. Take the current production of Dominique Morisseau’s “Skeleton Crew,” which opened at Broadway’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre in January. Inserted in every “Playbill” was a note from the playwright on “Permissions for Engagements.” It reads in part: “Consider this an invitation to be yourselves in this audience. You are allowed to laugh audibly. You are allowed to have audible moments of reaction and response. This can be a church for some of us, and testifying is allowed.””

Katherine J. Wu’s Your Negative COVID Test Is Basically Meaningless

Tl;dr more and more people (myself included) had a slew of negative tests before testing positive. So if you feel sick, stay home, even if you tested negative.

Honorable Mentions

Short fiction: Deka Omar’s Matrimonial Quest at Luna Prime and Other Existential Dread

I would very happily read oodles more of this story. Will definitely keep an eye out for Omar’s future work.

Film: Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle

Book: Robert Jackson Bennett’s Locklands (The Founders Trilogy #3)

I cried. Also, I had never considered the utopian potential of a group mind before this.

Book: Putsata Reang’s Ma and Me

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