June 2022, fave media

Lots of Ilona Andrews, good tunes, and some live events.


Ilona Andrews’ Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels #10) & Blood Heir (Aurelia Ryder #1)

This series/universe continues to be a joy/comfort.

Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy #1-5

In case you couldn’t tell, Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite authors. I didn’t time this in order to be ready for Ruby Fever, but it worked out quite nicely. Also I will take Alessandro over Rogan any day.

Forthright’s Dragged Through Hedgerows (Songs of the Amaranthine #3)

Another comfort read.


Beyoncé’s Break My Soul

A jam.

Seinabo Sey’s Blessed

Blue and Rom Com were two of my favorite tracks last year, and this one is no exception.

Wooden Overcoats S4

Whewwww the character development/pay off, especially Antigone’s. Also Chapman’s mysterious backstory revealed!

Relisten: Life With Leo(h) S1

Which is also crowdfunding it’s second and final season here!



I hate unhappy endings, and yet here I am saying this was excellent. See it live if you can.

Stars on Ice

Holy smokes, watching the Olympic programs live was an Experience. Especially Jason Brown’s Sinnerman, which broke my brain with its brilliance.

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