About the blog

While my fiction skews towards speculative fiction and comfort reads (i.e. tropey romance), my nonfiction explores themes of heartache, healing, and Virgo-level analysis of myself and my community.

I have a lot of half-baked thoughts kicking around my brain. And when I share them with folks, I often get thoughtful responses from people excited to talk about these topics. So, this blog is an effort to sketch out these thoughts as creative nonfiction, essays, and memoir.

What you can expect on this blog:

  • roundups of the favorite things I read, watched, listened to, etc.
  • essay-ish and creative nonfiction pieces
  • things that are too wordy to put on Instagram, and things too ~out there~ for my more professional facing self
  • and of course, general blog posts ranging from self-reflection to poetry

About the blogger:

As Dev phrases it, here are some of my facets that are important to myself, and how I be held in community:

  • second+ generation Chinese-American
  • able bodied, middle class, cis gender
  • bisexual, femme, woman of color

My interests include:

  • yoga
  • fandom/fanfic
  • snuggles
  • sleep
  • petting other people’s cats
  • reading sci fi, fantasy, romance, and erotica

My pronouns are she/her/hers.