Aug 2022, fave media


Ilona Andrews’ Ruby Fever (Hidden Legacy #6)

No complaint in this trilogy ender. So good. Also dead @ Vicky Baby. I’m hoping for an Arabella trilogy in the future! That said, this is not the book to start on in this series; start either with Burn for Me (Nevada’s first novel) or Sapphire Flames (Catalina’s first novel).

Jamie Wesley’s Fake It Till You Bake It

The romance book club made this for me.

Julia Whelan’s Thank You For Listening

The author has spent a lot of time in the romance industry, and you can tell. If you read romance, this is an absolute delight.

Kendra Allen’s Fruit Punch

Broadened my mind on what is possible in memoir with the way time slips when you look back.


Alisha Rai’s Glutton for Pleasure and Serving Pleasure (Pleasure #1 & 2)

Nalini Singh’s Angels’ Dance (Guild Hunter #0.4)


ADG7’s Whatever & Heehee (Live at NPR’s Tiny Desk)

ADG7’s The Dance of Lions (Live at KEXP)

Allison Russell’s Hy-Brasil/Quasheba, Quasheba (Live at KEXP)


I guiltily admit this took me a moment to warm up to.

Jessie J’s Ain’t Nobody (Chaka Khan cover)

Love the arrangement.



Thanks to A for putting me onto this!

Vibe Check

Thanks to Laura Luna for putting me onto this. This is such a pleasure to listen to.

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