Dec 2019, Fave Media

Hi friends! January has me working on a submission for an Asian-American mother-daughter zine that anakrael sent my way. I’m also kicking around a blog piece on desire and eczema.


Jessie Mihalik’s Aurora Blazing (Consortium Rebellion #2)

The third work of Mihalik’s I’ve read, but this one blows the rest out of the water. Adventure, romance, banter, and secrets (that each person figures out, but waits for the other to broach). What’s there not to like? Will definitely be keeping up with Mihalik’s releases after this.

Courtney Milan’s Unraveled (Turner Brothers #3)

I read this back in 2017, but forgot why I’d given it such a high rating. Well, I’m happy to say the high rating was well-deserved! There’s really nothing to complain about in this book. Interesting characters, gruff hero who secretly pets kittens, a heroine determined to seize life and call the hero on his BS, and a delightful rebuttal of a blackmail plot.

K.B. Wagers’ Down Among the Dead (Farian War #2)

Ooof, Wagers was not playing with the content warning at the beginning of this. I’ve loved Hail and her adventures since the Indranan War Trilogy, and I still love her, her tenacity, and the people who love her.


Watchmen HBO

I tuned in every week to watch this live, and avoided spoilers. Two things I never do. Its interest in race, oppression, and survival – beginning with the Tulsa Riots – was very welcome. Also, it’s very clear there were writers of color in the room.

Hair Love” dir. M. Cherry & B. Smith

I cried. T_T Based on the picture book by Cherry & V. Harrison!


Snoh Aalegra’s Whoa (music video)

Boyfriend goals is Michael B. Jordan reading to me.

Justin Hiltner’s Silver Dagger (from Dolly Parton’s America)



Just started listening to this podcast. It’s still in its infancy, but I like the guests it’s had so far. Will be keeping up with it.

Other Recommendations

Now adding a section for stuff that weren’t my “OMG HAVE YOU READ THIS???” faves, but I still enjoyed and would recommend! This Goodreads shelf includes anything I’d recommend including the “ZOMG” recommended reads.

ed. Lily Dancyger’s Burn It Down

Anthologies can be hit or miss, but Dancyger’s curation skills from Narratively and Memoirly are on full display here. Rally solid collection.

Lindsay Mack’s newsletter tarot spreads

Laurie J. Marks’ Air Logic (Elemental Logic #4)

The long awaited 4th and final book is here! Lush writing and an upending of epic fantasy. If you’ve ever wished for a post-colonial take on the genre with QPOC, a token straight couple, and found family, interested in how do we make peace after the war, this is it.

Sarah Smith’s Faker

I’m surprised this didn’t get more buzz! It was super fun. If you’re looking for a less spicy romance this is it! The sex doesn’t happen until nearly the end, and it was pretty tame compared to some of the more, uh, spicy stuff I read.

Suleikha Snyder’s Seared

Good ol’ soapy fun in this novella: BDSM, ~forbidden~ step-sibling love, and cooking.

Olivia Waite’s A Lady Guide’s to Celestial Mechanics (Feminine Pursuits #1)

Amanda Yates Garcia’s Initiated

Feminism + magic + memoir

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